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Mount Krios NFT



Mount Krios brings innovation to the farm.

Mount Krios is the first project, on Cardano, that is providing utility to holders through farming operations. We attempt to bridge the gap between the growing NFT space and real-life farming, by building an NFT project that’s directly linked to a thriving goat camp. We will do this by tokenizing the animals in our super camp.

Your NFT will represent your membership in the operations of the super camp. It’s called a super camp, because it will consist of goats specifically chosen for their superior genetics. Our goal is to create a super camp to breed the most prestigious boer goat bloodline in the world. Our key to success is that we are backed by world renowned farming partners.

Season 1 has been planned to mint late May/ early June this year and will be made up of 2022 NFTs from 150 hand-illustrated attributes. As our flock grows we will be holding periodic sales and auctions where a portion of the herd will be sold while the remainder of the herd will remain in the camp to continue the blue chip bloodline. Proceeds from these sales and auctions will be used to fund the community vault for holder benefits.

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NFT Shark Makes Buying NFTs Easier



Saving your crypto until you are rich, while buying NFTs is now possible!

When ETH runs, you don’t want to only be holding NFTs, right?. Keep your NFTs and your ETH by easily using a credit card to buy your next NFT with NFT Shark.  Now you are wondering what NFT Shark is, right? Well, if you are into NFTs, NFT Shark is your best friend. NFT Shark allows you to buy NFTs from the world’s first and largest digital marketplace for crypto, with credit card, debit card, visa and mastercard. And guess what? You don’t even need to have a crypto wallet, your NFTs will be stored in your account in a custodial wallet. And if you do have a metamask, you can transfer the NFTs free of charge. So, buy now and transfer later!

Here are 3 reasons why we think why you will love NFT Shark:

1. Save your eth! Buy smart. When ETH pumps, you’re gonna wanna have some 🤑

Purchasing eth with your credit card to spend it right after? This is So web2 😅

3. Gasing fees, transaction fees, Breathing fees? Omg! We gotcha! 🙏

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Project Spotlight

Winxi Bears NFT



Be Good and Earn with Winxi Bears.

5 969 unique Winxi Bears will be released on the ETHEREUM blockchain on May 29 th ! This NFT project is our way of creating a lasting art collection, which will collect a community of great, likeminded people. Our clan welcomes all individuals who want to experience life to the fullest, aren’t afraid to be a rebel for a just cause and want to give something back!

We’re not a charity, but we’re concerned about the current state of the world and the direction it’s heading . As a result, our NFT collection was born! In addition to owning the piece of art, the unique NFT grants its owner access to members-only benefits.

It pays to BE GOOD:

Community airdrops (E thereum & NFTs ) 🪂

Do Good deeds & Earn CRYPTO 💵

30% revenue to DAO – vote how to govern & use funds

10% revenue to charity (currently 12% – 1 charity added for Ukraine )

Surprise rewards

WBC store

Commercial rights to NFT

This project is an ode to Charlie’s legendary words. This project is us setting on that wonderful adventure, and this project is our invitation for everyone to join us! ” You, the people, have the power to make this life free and beautiful, to make this life a wonderful adventure. ” (Charlie Chaplin – The Great Dictator, 1940)

Learn more & check out the first charities:

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Latest News

First Wedding with NonFungible Rings



Metaverse Wedding in Decentraland 

Maggie and Jay Sloatman were married in Decentraland on Sunday May 15th 2022. NonFungibleRings and planned and hosted this Meta wedding.


Maggie and Jay were married in real life during covid pandemic. Due to restrictions, they were unable to marry in California. The couple drove to Arizona to get married and they zoomed the wedding to their family and friends. Since then, it is their goal to get married in as many states as possible.


NonFungibleRings (NFR) is a generative Diamond Ring NFT collection, launched December 2021. People have collected NFR as NFT engagement, wedding, anniversary, promise ring. Maggie (bride) bought a NonFungibleRings from OpenSea. When she shared her wedding story to NFR, they suggested the couple get married in the Metaverse, and offered to host and plan the event. Maggie took up the offer.

True to their word, NFR planned and hosted the Meta wedding. The wedding was hosted at Seed gallery (  plot -16,-111 in Decentraland(DCL). The gallery is owned by Seed and her husband Matt, who customized the gallery into a wedding venue. The wedding was officiated by Abby, from Elev8 NFT. Abby has been a wedding officiant since 2015. The bride’s dress was a gift by the Nessa Dress. The suit for the groom was a gift from ckbubbles. The music for the event was recorded by Aurora Mendes, a violinist.

The Metaverse wedding at DCL began at 4 pm Sunday May 15th. Sam from NFR opened the ceremony and shared the backstory. Abby, the officiant, took over and she said “Family and friends, under these Decentraland skies, I am pleased to

pronounce Maggie and Jay as Wife and Husband, bonded in a love that will

last forever on the blockchain & in every realm.”  and they were pronounced husband and wife. The bride and the groom avatar kissed in the Metaverse by kiss emoji.

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