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Winxi Bears NFT



Be Good and Earn with Winxi Bears.

5 969 unique Winxi Bears will be released on the ETHEREUM blockchain on May 29 th ! This NFT project is our way of creating a lasting art collection, which will collect a community of great, likeminded people. Our clan welcomes all individuals who want to experience life to the fullest, aren’t afraid to be a rebel for a just cause and want to give something back!

We’re not a charity, but we’re concerned about the current state of the world and the direction it’s heading . As a result, our NFT collection was born! In addition to owning the piece of art, the unique NFT grants its owner access to members-only benefits.

It pays to BE GOOD:

Community airdrops (E thereum & NFTs ) 🪂

Do Good deeds & Earn CRYPTO 💵

30% revenue to DAO – vote how to govern & use funds

10% revenue to charity (currently 12% – 1 charity added for Ukraine )

Surprise rewards

WBC store

Commercial rights to NFT

This project is an ode to Charlie’s legendary words. This project is us setting on that wonderful adventure, and this project is our invitation for everyone to join us! ” You, the people, have the power to make this life free and beautiful, to make this life a wonderful adventure. ” (Charlie Chaplin – The Great Dictator, 1940)

Learn more & check out the first charities:

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Project Spotlight – Clay Apes Society



The Forming of A Clay Apes Society

Are you holding on to your banana? In just a few days, a positive community with 1111 unique Clay Apes CNFT will be living on the Cardano Blockchain!

Their mission? Simple -to make something special on the Cardano NFT space and bring new ideas of marketing and activity. Clay Apes Society is a project with long term vision and roadmap.

“We are here to build long lasting products.” – Clay Apes Society

Mint Details

Mint Price: 40ADA

Supply: 1,111

Date: 11/29/2022





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Project Spotlight : Lost Ape Centauri



Explore The Lore of the Lost Ape Centauri

Lost Apes travelling from planet Earth to Alpha Centauri on Earth #2. During a journey, before landing, they make 3 stops and than they have to cope with the life on the new planet (different gravity, atmosphere, plants,water and not always friendly animals). Each stop brings the benefits to Lost Apes’ owners like: giveaways, other projects NFT airdrops, power flowers, $ADA staking sharing, airdrop of Lost Ape Hybrids. On top ownership brings you early meet with Alien Ape Tribe and enjoying Battle Royale P2E game.
Website :
Twitter :
Discord :
Mint Price : 35 ADA
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Latest News

NFT Shark Makes Buying NFTs Easier



Saving your crypto until you are rich, while buying NFTs is now possible!

When ETH runs, you don’t want to only be holding NFTs, right?. Keep your NFTs and your ETH by easily using a credit card to buy your next NFT with NFT Shark.  Now you are wondering what NFT Shark is, right? Well, if you are into NFTs, NFT Shark is your best friend. NFT Shark allows you to buy NFTs from the world’s first and largest digital marketplace for crypto, with credit card, debit card, visa and mastercard. And guess what? You don’t even need to have a crypto wallet, your NFTs will be stored in your account in a custodial wallet. And if you do have a metamask, you can transfer the NFTs free of charge. So, buy now and transfer later!

Here are 3 reasons why we think why you will love NFT Shark:

1. Save your eth! Buy smart. When ETH pumps, you’re gonna wanna have some 🤑

Purchasing eth with your credit card to spend it right after? This is So web2 😅

3. Gasing fees, transaction fees, Breathing fees? Omg! We gotcha! 🙏

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